Town Code & Laws

The Town law documents on this page are viewable in Adobe PDF format.
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    1. Local Law #4 of 2023 – Providing Real Property Tax Exemption for Volunteer Firefighters and Volunteer Ambulance Workers Pursuant to New York State Real Property Tax Law § 466-a
      Form RP-466-a-vol – Application for Volunteer Firefighters/Ambulance Workers Exemption
    2. Local Law #2 Temporary Moratorium on the Establishment, Placement and Construction of Commercial Solar Fueled Electric Generating Facilities in the Town of Hunter PDF
    3. Local Law #7 of 2016 repealing Local Law 4 and Local Law 5 of 1989 PDF
    4. Local Law 8 of 2016 Small Scale Mining PDF
    5. Local Law 9 of 2016 Timber Harvesting PDF
    6. Local Law 10 of 2016 Mobile Home Park and Trailer Camp PDF
    7. Local Law 11 of 2016 Site Plan Review PDF
    8. Local Law 12 of 2016 Junkyard and Junk Storage PDF
    9. Local Law 13 of 2016 Scrap Facility PDF
    10. Public Notice Relating to Adoption of Local Laws PDF
    11. Regulating Standards for the Dedication of Town Roads PDF
    12. Designating a Local Building Official With Grant Of Necessary Powers Download PDF
    13. Licensing and regulating Dealers in second hand, Junk and Auto Parts Activities and
      Businesses PDF
    14. Repealing The Business Investment Exemption Law Download PDF
    15. Environmental Quality Review Act Download PDF
    16. Providing for the conduct of Game of Chance Law PDF
    17. Regulating the commercial use of horses & other quadrupeds on town highways in the Town of Hunter PDF
    18. A local law relating to the regulation and licensing of outdoor public musical entertainment, amusement and assemblies PDF
    19. Repeal of section 24 of local law # three of 1966, designating local building official with grant powers PDF
    20. Repair or removal of unsafe builings & collapsed structures PDF
    21. The Noise Pollution Control Law PDF
    22. Repeal of Local Law # 1 of 1981 see # 9 above for detales PDF
    23. Accepting Applicability of the State Fire Prevention Code PDF
    24. Providing Interim Administration & Enforcement of the State Fire Code PDF
    25. Regulating the Construction of Signs PDF
    26. Amending Local Law # 3 of 1966 Duties and Powers of the Superintendent of Buildings PDF
    27. Providing for the Defense of Town Officers & Employees PDF
    28. Special Curfew for Halloween in the Town of Hunter PDF
    29. Regulating Conduct of Skiers at Ski Areas in the Town of Hunter PDF
    30. Exemption from Real Property Taxes of Property owned by certain physically disabled persons PDF
    31. Regulating Construction & Demolition of Waste Disposal PDF
    32. The Automatic Fire Alarm Law PDF
    33. Establishing the Electrical Code of Town of Hunter PDF
    34. Establishing Procedure for Petitions Filed Pursuant to Transportation’s Corp. Law Section 121 PDF
    35. Alternate Members of the Town of Hunter Planning Board PDF
    36. Junk Car Anti-Proliferation Law PDF
    37. Providing Penalties for Failure to Comply with Subdivision Regulations PDF
    38. Electing a Retirement Incentive Program PDF
    39. Notice of Highway Defects Law PDF
    40. Business Investment Exemption LawDownload PDF
    41. Town of Hunter Lot Line Law PDF
    42. Building Numbering Law PDF
    43. Handbill Law PDF
    44. Dog Control Law of the Town Of Hunter PDF
    45. Dog Licensing Law PDF
    46. Cell Tower Law PDF
    47. Sewer Use Law PDF
    48. Requirements for Obtaining a Building Permit PDF
    49. Building Permit Fee Law PDF
    50. Health Insurance Buy Out Law
    51. Establishing Residency Requirements for the Appointed Office of Building Inspector PDF
    52. Exemption of Real Property Owners with Disabilities and limited Incomes PDF
    53. Demolition Fees PDF
    54. Local Law to provide for the increase of the maximum exemption allowable and “GoldStar Parents for Veterans” Real Property Tax Exemption Under SECTION 458-a of the Real Property Tax Law PDF
    55. A Local Law Providing for the Administration and Enforcement of the NYS Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code PDF
    56. Flood Damage Prevention Law PDF
    57. Outdoor Restraint of Companion Animals Law PDF
    58. Noise Ordinance of the Town of Hunter PDF
    59. Local Law #1 of 2021 – Regulating Solar Energy Systems PDF
    60. Subdivision Law PDF