The Town of Hunter encompasses a variety of historic and picturesque incorporated Villages, Hamlets and Communities. Visit our Community Calendar to see what’s going on in Town this month!

The Village of Hunter: Hunter Mountain Ski Center is located within the village of Hunter. The village also houses a number of historic buildings along main street. Within the village there are art and antiques shops, the local movie theater, book store and farm market, as well as a variety of other amenities.

The Village of Tannersville: The stores and buildings along historic Main Street, many of which were built in the 19th century, have been painted in bright colors with decorative signs and shutters. There are many interesting restaurants, boutiques, shops and antique stores located here.


Lanesville – a hamlet in the south part of the town on Route 214.
Haines Falls – a hamlet east of Tannersville.
Platte Clove – a hamlet in the east part of the town.
Edgewood – a hamlet in the south part of the town on Route 214.
Elka Park – a hamlet south of Tannersville.
Onteora Park – a private residential community north of Tannersville.
Twilight Park – a private residential community east of Tannersville.