The New York State Department of Agricultural & Markets (Ag & Markets) regulates the treatment of animals, including pets. Although Ag & Markets law require that a dog owner provide adequate food, water, shelter and veterinary care, the law is sometimes interpreted in a manner that does not protect a dog that is kept in poor and/or dangerous conditions from harm.

In 2015 the Town of Hunter adopted a law that requires humane treatment of dogs that are tethered outside. Please become familiar with the law, posted below. It is important that dogs be protected during the summer heat and humidity, and also during the winter, when snow, wind and frigid temperatures can cause not only discomfort but severe injury and/or death to a dog.

If you have reason to believe a dog is being neglected, mistreated or abused in the Town of Hunter, please contact the Town of Hunter Police, the Greene County Sheriff, the New York State Police, or the Columbia Greene Humane Society.

  1. Restraint of Companion Animals PDF
  2. Dog Control Law of the Town Of Hunter PDF
  3. Dog Licensing Law PDF