Town Clerk’s Office

Services of the Town Clerk’s Office include:

Registrar Duties:

  • Marriage Licenses
  • Birth Certificates
  • Death Certificates
  • Genealogical Records
  • Certified copies of Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates

The annual fee for an unneutered or unspayed dog is $20.00 and the annual fee for a neutered or spayed dog is $10.00. To license your dog you must provide a copy of an up-to-date rabies certificate. If the dog is spayed/neutered, applicant must show the certificate to the clerk’s office. The license is good for one year from the date of the issuance. A renewal notice will be sent to the owner one month prior to the expiration date. Fees can be paid by cash (if licensing in person), check or money order.

All dogs reaching the age of four months must be licensed.