04 Oct    
6:30 pm


Town Hall
5748 Route 23A, Tannersville, New York, 12485

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A Public Hearing is scheduled for the next regular meeting of the Town of Hunter Planning Board on Tuesday October 4th, 2022 at the Town Hall in Tannersville NY at 6:30pm. The parcel under Site Plan Amendment #183.05-1-9 located at 5191 Route 23A in Haines Falls NY. The Planning Board routinely notifies all adjoining neighbors and conducts a public hearing in accordance with the Town of Hunter Site Plan Law. Any concerns or comments regarding this proposal may be addressed at that time, or you may submit them in writing to the above address prior to the date set. Should you have any questions, please contact the number above.

October 4 Planning Board Agenda

Planning Board Secretary jbogus@townofhuntergov.com

Planning Board Chairperson mczermerys@towofhuntergov.com